Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Working in France

I've been living in France for over three and a half years now and haven't been back to England once!!! In fact I've only left Brittany for two days and that was to go to

Originally we came over to run a Gite Complex but sold that last month and bought a normal Neo Breton style House in Brittany. Now we are relying on our web design in France and Internet work to keep the wolves from the door. Plus we have some cash to invest in property as well but at the moment we're too busy sorting out our new house.

Been very busy but still managed to find time to bugger up my shoulder whilst Karting at Plumeliau in a very fast 2 stroke Kart!!! 110km/h REAL FAST when your back side is an inch off the tarmac!

We are doing a lot of work for www.bretonhomes.com who are a legit estate agent in Brittany and have a large portfolio of interesting properties for sale. They are just taking a company holiday now so a little peace and quiet for a week or so.

I'm going to see if a Physio Therapist Massage can sort out the trapped nerve in my shoulder later today.....I keep imagining images of Large Turk trying to yank my arm off :(