Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Thanks for the feedback Roger!

I'm in the process of setting up a news/forum website...hopefully unlike the other forum sites that appear to become petty and bitchy. I'm currently running it off the back end of my web design website please take a look. I've just posted a piece of news I picked up about the Gendarms yesterday.

Feel free to register and post stuff into the forums. I'm about to start letting people know it's there and getting people involved in the site. I aim to get some select users involved to submit news and to help mediate the forums.

One thing I'm considering is adding something warning Brits over here not to become too much like some of our er... 'ethnic cousins' in the UK. It appears that lots of Brits are setting up their own clubs and are making very little effort to integrate with the French or learn the language.....If this continues we will be looked upon just like the Hindi speaking members of British society :( in our own Brit communities etc..... What do you think?