Friday, October 29, 2004

Internet Radio

I like listening to local radio to get my ear in...But since I got ADSL I've been listening to a lot of radio on the Internet...I'm using Winamp and listening to Virgin radio...I was surprised at the outstanding sound quality...Sounds as good as FM to me!

Found that my much missed show from many years ago: 'The Friday Rock Show' with Tommy Vance - which used to be on Radio 1 or 2 in the UK Friday nights is now on Virgin Radio, Friday nights! And it still Rocks!

Another good reason to get ADSL!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

X-rays and scans in France

It's all a little different in France. When you have an X-ray, magnetic scan or blood test it's YOU that collects and keeps the scans and results! Whereas in England the NHS is battling the never ending problem of storage and retrieval of patient information, here they just give it to the patient.

A little like NASA spending millions developing a pen that will write in Space. The Russians just used pencils!!!!

The health system in France ROCKS! Average waiting times in A&E of minutes rather than hours!

I love it here!

My trapped nerve in my neck is now better and I'm firing on all 8 cylinders again :) Though I guess that means I'll not have to go back for any more scans for a while...with all those lovely nurses in Pontivy :(


Rollout of ADSL in France

Yes it's true! ADSL is being rolled out rapidly throughout France. There is now some sort of timetable in place for the rollout of ADSL in France with the largest towns and communes getting the service before the smaller ones.

I used to use Tiscali for my Dial Up Internet Connection...when ADSL arrived in my commune I was going to stick with Tiscali because their deal of 30 Euros per month included free calls throughout France!!!! Sadly they told me they wouldn't be able to provide ADSL to anyone in my Commune until sometime in 2005.....perhaps France Telecom are being a little over protective of their sister company Wanadoo? I think so...The only ISP I could sign up with was Wanadoo...

To find out if your telephone line is already compatible with ADSL click: ADSL FRANCE LINE CHECK or you can call one of the two following phone numbers: Personal Lines: 1014 - Business Lines: 1016

Have fun!Jules

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Working in France

I've been living in France for over three and a half years now and haven't been back to England once!!! In fact I've only left Brittany for two days and that was to go to

Originally we came over to run a Gite Complex but sold that last month and bought a normal Neo Breton style House in Brittany. Now we are relying on our web design in France and Internet work to keep the wolves from the door. Plus we have some cash to invest in property as well but at the moment we're too busy sorting out our new house.

Been very busy but still managed to find time to bugger up my shoulder whilst Karting at Plumeliau in a very fast 2 stroke Kart!!! 110km/h REAL FAST when your back side is an inch off the tarmac!

We are doing a lot of work for who are a legit estate agent in Brittany and have a large portfolio of interesting properties for sale. They are just taking a company holiday now so a little peace and quiet for a week or so.

I'm going to see if a Physio Therapist Massage can sort out the trapped nerve in my shoulder later today.....I keep imagining images of Large Turk trying to yank my arm off :(


Monday, June 28, 2004

Drunk Driving Laws in France


Just rode back on my Bike from a bar in the village GREAT! BUT beware if you're tugged by the old bill in France and you're on a push bike you can still lose your driving license if you're over the limit!!!!!

But you can still drive !?&*(£"! Yes that's right you can still drive a car...Ok so it's a very little car with a very small engine that'll do about 45-50 mph MAX but it's got 4 seats and a roof, doors what more do you want.

These cars are called Sans Permit which means you don't require a license to drive them. So if you see one be afraid because the only people driving them are either Old people who can't drive or people that have lost their license for one reason or another!!!! They can often be seen driving the wrong way down a one way street or bouncing of thecurbss around the Place de La Eglise! Shocking stuff!

So drink driving over here is more acceptable, by the people...but the state says only 50mg/L whereas I think the UK is 80mg/L so beware they can confiscate your car if you're driving it over the limit.

Having said that the roads are not as heavily policed over here. I wonder if you'd get done if you were on a horse...or perhaps you'd only get done if the horse was over the limit?

Bon Chance!

Friday, June 04, 2004

Living in England or Living in France

I hope someone can answer this:

Why do people still live in England, when they could live almost anywhere else in the world and have better surroundings and a better standard of living? Talk to these guys about living in France they are honest and registered estate agents in Brittany France and they have a comprehensive range of properties for sale in Brittany.

But first you could take a holiday here to make sure you like it...take a look at Holiday Gites in France for places to stay and some tourist information.


Grass cutting in France

Just sat down with a very nice real ale - McEwans Champion 7.3% and it's really nice ;)

Had to have a drink after cutting the grass. Why do people think sit on lawn mowers are COOOL? They're not! If you've got a lot of grass to cut they're just a tool to get the job done without getting too bloody knackered. However you still get rattled about and jolted all over the place....Oh yes they can be dangerous too:

I was cutting the grass on a nice sunny day and... (I'd better explain now about the brakes on my sit on lawn mower...There is one peddle it is the brake and clutch at the same time...Let it up and off you go put it down and you stop..It's got gears as well but that's not important) anyway there I was cutting around the swings no probs but I then cut under the swings which normally involves a bit of fending off of ropes etc... This time I get the swing chair and rope caught under the brake peddle!!!!!!!!! I can't push it down!!!!!!!!! I'm going forwards and UPWARDS and slewing to the side!!!!!!>.................................

Thankfully the seat has an ignition cut out. So if your backside comes off, the motor cuts out. BE WARNED SIT ON LAWN MOWERS AND KIDS PLAY AREAS ARE BAD NEWS!!! Anyway learned from that one! Built a fence around the area so I can't go in there with the sit on lawn mower...I now send my wife in with a push mower to cut that area....Hey it's good exercise and she's always watching what she eats :0

A mate of mine was driving his sit on lawn mower into a trailer to take it for repairs. He ended up trapped underneath the thing when it over balanced and back-flipped....Petrol pissing out everywhere and all his wife said was 'oh you're OK, get up'. This guy couldn't see straight he'd cracked his head on the ground and had double vision. Now that's no way for a wife to treat her husband! He's OK now!

What the hell, the grass is cut and I've got a nice drink so cheers, Bon Weekend!


Living in France

I've been living in France for three and a half years. I'm living near to Pontivy in Central Brittany. I've only left Brittany for two days in all that time and that was only to Normandy.

I've not been back to the UK since I waved goodbye at Portsmouth!

SO what do I mis

Real Ale
Curry Houses
Mum & Dad

But most of the above can come over and see me and bring a bit of the other so I get by!

I've got about 30 bottles of prime real ale left. So that'll keep me going a little longer...until my m8 arrives with some new home brew system he's found :)