Monday, May 26, 2008

Brittany Forum France

I recently moved my Dotnetnuke website to a new dedicated server. Sadly the old forum Dotnetnuke module that I was running was not compatible with the more recent version of Dotnetnuke so I ditched it and went with the default forum software that ships with Dotnetnuke. The real pain is that all the old posts are lost, well not totally lost because I have a backup of the Dotnet nuke database but it's too much like hard work to sort all that out manually - so I've relaunched the Brittany Forum and it's started from zero. So anybody out there interested in BRittany France, Living in France etc. feel free to register with my site and post questions and information about Brittany and living in France.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Childrens education and schooling in France

Here is an interesting article I just dug up about the French education system. Covers some topics where I was a little lost myself! Things like what the classes are called -very useful when talking to your French friends and neighbours and they ask which class your child will be in next year!!!! Don't look ignorant, go and read it now! Click Here

It also explains some of the differences between French Public Schools and French Private Schools, not just simply that Public Schools are free in France but the difference in the way they operate - makes interesting reading.

New Website - Stages Aquarelles - water colour painting courses in France.

Currently working on a website for a french water colour painter: GĂ©rard Bastien.

Gerard Bastien is running watercolour painting courses in France, mainly in Brittany and he attends art exhibitions throughout France and sometimes the UK.

The french word for a watercolour is Aquarelles - a watercolour course is Stages Aquarelles.

Visit his website as it takes form at

Brittany Gites

It's been a long time since I've posted in here - will get some more posts in over the comming weeks! Promise!

Currently updating as well as creating tons of new websites for clients and an exciting collaboration on a new French property website that will have distinct areas for Brittany and every region of France.