Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Micro Station D'épuration France

Finally placed my order for the a WPL package sewage treatment plant, in France they call them micro station d'épuration.

My micro station d'épuration will be in the ground in a few weeks time and will be treating all my household waste water to the very high standards of the EN 12566-3 requirements.

This will be a pleasant change from the existing state of affairs which is basically a smelly hole in the ground! Having said that my smelly hole smells better than a lot of septic tanks I've come across.

Looking forward to reclaiming what was a very nice corner of my garden!

To see more about the micro stations d'épuration in France go to:

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

WPL France

Finaly I have found a supplier of WPL Micro Stations d'Epuration in France - WPL France

Monday, August 25, 2008

Air source heat pumps in France: Aerothermie - Pompe a chaleur

I've just been out shopping after many hours of research into this type of heating system and have come back with two air heat pumps from Bricodepot for under 600€

I've pulled together a little more information about how they work here: Air source heat pumps in France: Aerothermie - Pompe a chaleur

I'm looking forward to fitting them but it's going to have to wait until after next weekend! I'll let you know how it goes!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New bank savings accounts in France - Livret A - 4.8%

Fed up with only getting a couple of percent on your savings in France? The new Livret A account will be giving 4% from August and is expected to be returning 4.8% from January 2009!

The European commission has forced the French government to remove certain restrictions on savings accounts in the French banking system. This is leading to increased availability of interest paying bank accounts and therefor increased competition from the French banks for your money.

Read the full article here

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Brest 2008 Pictures

Trawling around the net fetched up a page about the Brest 2008 Tall Ship show that I thought I should share with you. It's got a nice selection of pictures taken at Brest 2008 of tall ships and a description that is worth reading for anyone that is thinking of going to the next one..... Brest 2012.

To see the Brest 2008 Gallery and info Click Here

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Operation escargot 30th June 2008

I've been hearing from French friends that a national Operation Escargot in France is planned for tomorrow the 30th of June and that driving in France is going to be a nightmare.
Plan your route carefully and be sure to take a GPS or set of maps to enable you to navigate via the back roads if the operation escargot does in fact occur tomorrow in France.
Don't forget to have your fluorescent jacket and warning triangle in your car for the 1st of July - it will be mandatory for driving in France!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Fete de la Musique in France

Saturday 21st June is the Fete de la Musique - Which will ensure many people living in towns throughout Brittany and France as a whole will not be getting to sleep very early tonight.

The Fete de la Musique usually involves free concerts and music in towns throughout France. In Brittany my local town of Pontivy will have several bands and different types of music spread throughout the town center. It's a night where the police will not be telling bars and clubs to turn down their music!

Get out there and enjoy the closed streets and the families walking from band to band soaking up the atmosphere and meeting friends.

The Fete de la Musique only happens once a year in France!!!!! Doesn't happen at all in the UK :o

Monday, June 16, 2008


As of the 1st of July 2008 you are required to carry not only a warning triangle in your car but also a fluorescent safety vest while driving in France. In fact the safety vest must be carried inside the car and not in the boot.

If you are involved in an accident or breakdown whilst driving in France, or assit someone in an accident or breakdown in France, you are required to wear your reflective saftey jacket.

Read the full driving in France article click here!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Brittany Forum France

I recently moved my Dotnetnuke website to a new dedicated server. Sadly the old forum Dotnetnuke module that I was running was not compatible with the more recent version of Dotnetnuke so I ditched it and went with the default forum software that ships with Dotnetnuke. The real pain is that all the old posts are lost, well not totally lost because I have a backup of the Dotnet nuke database but it's too much like hard work to sort all that out manually - so I've relaunched the Brittany Forum and it's started from zero. So anybody out there interested in BRittany France, Living in France etc. feel free to register with my site and post questions and information about Brittany and living in France.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Childrens education and schooling in France

Here is an interesting article I just dug up about the French education system. Covers some topics where I was a little lost myself! Things like what the classes are called -very useful when talking to your French friends and neighbours and they ask which class your child will be in next year!!!! Don't look ignorant, go and read it now! Click Here

It also explains some of the differences between French Public Schools and French Private Schools, not just simply that Public Schools are free in France but the difference in the way they operate - makes interesting reading.

New Website - Stages Aquarelles - water colour painting courses in France.

Currently working on a website for a french water colour painter: Gérard Bastien.

Gerard Bastien is running watercolour painting courses in France, mainly in Brittany and he attends art exhibitions throughout France and sometimes the UK.

The french word for a watercolour is Aquarelles - a watercolour course is Stages Aquarelles.

Visit his website as it takes form at

Brittany Gites

It's been a long time since I've posted in here - will get some more posts in over the comming weeks! Promise!

Currently updating as well as creating tons of new websites for clients and an exciting collaboration on a new French property website that will have distinct areas for Brittany and every region of France.