Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Thanks for the feedback Roger!

I'm in the process of setting up a news/forum website...hopefully unlike the other forum sites that appear to become petty and bitchy. I'm currently running it off the back end of my web design website please take a look. I've just posted a piece of news I picked up about the Gendarms yesterday.

Feel free to register and post stuff into the forums. I'm about to start letting people know it's there and getting people involved in the site. I aim to get some select users involved to submit news and to help mediate the forums.

One thing I'm considering is adding something warning Brits over here not to become too much like some of our er... 'ethnic cousins' in the UK. It appears that lots of Brits are setting up their own clubs and are making very little effort to integrate with the French or learn the language.....If this continues we will be looked upon just like the Hindi speaking members of British society :( in our own Brit communities etc..... What do you think?



roger said...

Hi jules, ce mois un autre fois. Did you realise there is also no way that you can appeal against anything a gendarme says???
If he says you were speeding you were speeding!!
Did you also know that in some parts of 22 that there are more English of school age than french and that the lessons have to be given in English.
The problem is Jules, that one needs English to be a doctor, a pilot, dentist, chemist, etc. and whilst one of the charms of living in france is the language, unfortunately that is the price of progress, so they tell me.
Still we are here and have made a silent take over of the region, and the difference between the English invasion and the "other one" in England is that the majority of the English do sort of intergrate. We also have a similar culture and attitudes.
For example I had the local farmer in here the other day talkig about and showing him the net.
Au revoir
Send us an e and I'll give you my phone number.

antiAnglo said...

Bonjour (to be polite)

The fact is that I don't like anyone with a prefix anglo. Anglos are a bunch of ill mannered mongols who think they rule the world with their stinky language!

France is not for the anglos/brits go home and stay there in your sewers and rat holes!

Fred said...

Hi Jules
I have sort of fallen across your blog whilst doing some research on moving to France. Having noticed that you have been there for a while I would be really pleased if you could give me some info on moving to France. If you think that you can help me then I will happily give you my e-mail address. Many thanks.

Jules said...

Small minded prejudice is most rife in those that are ignorant. The fact that Bretagne and Grand Bretagne share much of the same Celtic blood seems to have escaped someones notice - Also the fact that the Normans spent a lot of time in the UK intermingling - The English and the French are very close not only in culture but in their origins. The question is really down to language and integration. We don't come here with a different religion, we don't come here and sponge of the government, we come with money and fresh ideas and we contribute to society here - there are of course some small minded English people as well who are an exception to the rule.