Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Micro Station D'épuration France

Finally placed my order for the a WPL package sewage treatment plant, in France they call them micro station d'épuration.

My micro station d'épuration will be in the ground in a few weeks time and will be treating all my household waste water to the very high standards of the EN 12566-3 requirements.

This will be a pleasant change from the existing state of affairs which is basically a smelly hole in the ground! Having said that my smelly hole smells better than a lot of septic tanks I've come across.

Looking forward to reclaiming what was a very nice corner of my garden!

To see more about the micro stations d'épuration in France go to:

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Heidi said...


I have been going round and round in circles about the new septic tank rules, as we have limited land which is also clay so all I could thnk of was what a nightmare and that I could see no way into actually fitting a large enough filtration system onto my land. Grin. Finally i've found out about these tanks. I've just sent off for the details, but my big worry is they have got to be expensive!!! Grin. Oh well, we shall see.