Thursday, October 28, 2004

Rollout of ADSL in France

Yes it's true! ADSL is being rolled out rapidly throughout France. There is now some sort of timetable in place for the rollout of ADSL in France with the largest towns and communes getting the service before the smaller ones.

I used to use Tiscali for my Dial Up Internet Connection...when ADSL arrived in my commune I was going to stick with Tiscali because their deal of 30 Euros per month included free calls throughout France!!!! Sadly they told me they wouldn't be able to provide ADSL to anyone in my Commune until sometime in 2005.....perhaps France Telecom are being a little over protective of their sister company Wanadoo? I think so...The only ISP I could sign up with was Wanadoo...

To find out if your telephone line is already compatible with ADSL click: ADSL FRANCE LINE CHECK or you can call one of the two following phone numbers: Personal Lines: 1014 - Business Lines: 1016

Have fun!Jules

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