Monday, June 28, 2004

Drunk Driving Laws in France


Just rode back on my Bike from a bar in the village GREAT! BUT beware if you're tugged by the old bill in France and you're on a push bike you can still lose your driving license if you're over the limit!!!!!

But you can still drive !?&*(£"! Yes that's right you can still drive a car...Ok so it's a very little car with a very small engine that'll do about 45-50 mph MAX but it's got 4 seats and a roof, doors what more do you want.

These cars are called Sans Permit which means you don't require a license to drive them. So if you see one be afraid because the only people driving them are either Old people who can't drive or people that have lost their license for one reason or another!!!! They can often be seen driving the wrong way down a one way street or bouncing of thecurbss around the Place de La Eglise! Shocking stuff!

So drink driving over here is more acceptable, by the people...but the state says only 50mg/L whereas I think the UK is 80mg/L so beware they can confiscate your car if you're driving it over the limit.

Having said that the roads are not as heavily policed over here. I wonder if you'd get done if you were on a horse...or perhaps you'd only get done if the horse was over the limit?

Bon Chance!

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