Friday, June 04, 2004

Living in France

I've been living in France for three and a half years. I'm living near to Pontivy in Central Brittany. I've only left Brittany for two days in all that time and that was only to Normandy.

I've not been back to the UK since I waved goodbye at Portsmouth!

SO what do I mis

Real Ale
Curry Houses
Mum & Dad

But most of the above can come over and see me and bring a bit of the other so I get by!

I've got about 30 bottles of prime real ale left. So that'll keep me going a little longer...until my m8 arrives with some new home brew system he's found :)

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roger said...

Hi Jules, we have lived here for 4+ years, agree about the medical, but the gendarme are going silly with speeding. They have openly admitted that its a cash raising thing, and they lie and there is no appeal. The thing that we have noticed is white vans using back roads at silly speeds have increased. for example it is quicker to go to Rennes using back roads at say 110 than 90 on main roads.
Why do people live in the UK and not France? cos NOBODY here speaks Hindi, swahili etc!!!